Friday, September 5, 2008

Was India misled or US deceived India?

A secret letter which was written by George W Bush was revealed out by a Congressman to the press. This letter clearly states that India cannot conduct any nuclear tests if it signs the Nuclear Deal pact with US. This has shocked its Indian counterparts. The American ambassador to India told the reporters that India was aware of the details of the secret letter. But Indian government strongly refuses the allegations. In fact New Delhi has admitted that they knew that a secret document existed but they also claimed innocence of its contents. India is about to sign the pact but this controversy has raised issue about the transparency of the deal.

Was India misled or US deceived India? This remains a big question in India.

Whatever it is Indian public needs an explanation about the deal. A white of the deal has to be issued to make matters clear.

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Tey said...

there are many deceitful poeple in this world. it's hard to tell and avoid.. thanks for sharing your thoughts
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