Monday, June 30, 2008

Live Happily

Nothing is permanent in life. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next second. A millionaire can become a tramp and a beggar can be a millionaire in a single day. Nothing is impossible in this world. Its all depends in the wishes of the Almighty who has created us.

Live this moment happily and make others happy. Be a reason for someone’s happiness and for heaven sake never be the reason of others tears. We are not going to take anything from this world except our good deeds and name. So help others and make them feel the pleasures of the world which is provided by the Almighty equally for all beings in this world.

So live happily and let the others live happily.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cricket Day

No Indian will forget this date for this was the same day 25 years ago when history was made in the English soil by 11 players who defeated a mighty camp in the Lords stadium in London. Indian team lead by Kapil Dev was considered as minnows against the Clive LLyod’s Mighty West Indies team in a deserving fashion. They surprised the entire world and announced the arrival the great Indian cricket in the world arena. It was a turning point in the Indian sports history because after that victory India became a cricket freak country. So according to me this day should be celebrated as the Cricket Day in order to honor the players who brought us pride.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top 5 matches in Cricket History

Cricket is my passion and I would never miss any match. Though I am a great fan of Indian team I like the games played by other teams also. Here I like to rank some of the matches which I liked a lot. To be precise I like to present my top 5 matches which I have seen so far in the world of cricket.

First and foremost is the match which took place in the Lords ground in the year 1983 on June 23rd. The match between the formidable West Indies and India, which happens to be the final of the Prudential World cup. As an Indian I can’t forget that match. It is one of the greatest ODI’s played in the cricketing history

Next is the test match between the Australia and England where Australia needed nearly hundred runs to win and England needed only two wickets. At last England won by 2 runs. It was one of the fabulous test matches I have ever seen.

Third ids the ODI between India and Pakistan in Dhaka in 1999 where India won a thriller scoring 317 runs in 47 overs. It was a fabulous match which had all the essence of a great entertainment.

The match Between Australia and South Africa where Australia Scored 400+ runs first time in the ODI history and to amazement of everyone the South Africans chased those runs and won the match. It is considered as the best match in the ODI history.

The final is the test match which held in Perth in 2008 between Australia and India. All odds were against the Indians but still they won the match deservingly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reading Books

Many complaint of boredom during leisure time that’s because they do not know how to use their time in an useful way. Many of us do various kinds of work when we are free and mostly people do the same work in their free times and it is called habit. There are people who collect stamps, some do play games, and others watch TV, but one of the best ways to use our leisure time to read books. Reading books is considered as the best habit by many great scholars. In fact many great men have advised to take up the reading habit to spend our time. Reading books helps us to improve our knowledge, expands our wisdom on various fields, improves our behavior, enhances our language efficiency and the list goes on. So if you want to spend your time in the best possible way then take up the habit of reading and find the difference in you by yourself.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Environment is very important for the survival of human beings. But this environment is ignored by us for the sake of our own development. Human beings are not realizing that to survive in this earth they need to take care of the environment in the best possible way. Environment not only means rivers, mountains, forest, lakes, etc. It also means trees in the streets, maintaining a proper drainage system so that the water bodies and the underground water is protected from pollution, avoiding plastic bags, all small things like this will do a greater good to the environment. Awareness has to be created among the general public in order to save the environment.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Corrupt Indian System

India is becoming synonymous for the word corruption because of the many scams that is coming out daily in the news papers and in the electronic and visual media. Not only politicians who are accused for this crime but also many officials who hold high positions in government offices and who are meant to be the guardian of this Indian system assist these politicians to commit this crime and in the process they too get benefited in this. According to a survey taken by some experts Law department is the most corrupted in the country followed the police department. These two departments are meant to provide security and welfare for the public, but these two itself seems to be most corrupted. But the most disappointing fact is that many young youths who do pity crimes for getting a meal are beaten up like animals but there are people who do larger crimes than them and get away in the name of money and power.

Strict laws must be incorporated in the Indian system in order to provide corruption free society. Only then India can become a super power in the future.