Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mixed reactions for NANO

Now Ratan Tata has decided to shift the Nano plant to some other place. Due to the continued protests in the area against the upcoming of the Nano plant TATA has decided to shift its base to some other place. Trinamool Congress Leader Mamtha Banarjee staged a protest against this with the locals against the TATA plant. So due to this troubles TATA has decided to look for some other place for their TATA project. Madhaya Pradesh extends his hands to welcome TATA into their state. In the mean time many significant Bengalis like Saurav Ganguly has raised their concerns over this issue. They believe that TATA project will help in the economic development of the state but now since TATA has decided to pull its base they say that this will greatly affect the future economic developments of the state.

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