Sunday, September 7, 2008

Supplements are dangerous to health

Many youngsters want to build their body and muscles. So they got to gym and do heavy exercises. But there is another fact to this. Many people want to build their muscles in a short time so they go for other methods. Supplements are the most often used alternative. Many youngsters take in supplements in the form of pill or in the form of powder. Many of the companies which make these supplements say that there are no side effects due these products. But a recent research shows that these supplements create lots of problems in the body. It leads to ulcer, diabetes, hormone related disorders and many others complications. So youngsters have to be careful before they decide to take these kinds of supplements.

Leander Paes- Greatest Tennis Player in India

Leander Paes’s feat at US Open ended with the runners up place in the Men’s Doubles. Nonetheless it was a valiant effort by Paes at this age to achieve something like this. If he had won the Men’s Doubles championship then it would have been his ninth Grand Slam title overall. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Leander and his partner played well but lost to a much better pair. They played against the second best team in the world. Now Leander is aiming for the Davis Cup ties against the Romania. Unarguably Leander is the best tennis player we have ever got in Indian Tennis History. All the Best Leander Paes for your future Games.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Was India misled or US deceived India?

A secret letter which was written by George W Bush was revealed out by a Congressman to the press. This letter clearly states that India cannot conduct any nuclear tests if it signs the Nuclear Deal pact with US. This has shocked its Indian counterparts. The American ambassador to India told the reporters that India was aware of the details of the secret letter. But Indian government strongly refuses the allegations. In fact New Delhi has admitted that they knew that a secret document existed but they also claimed innocence of its contents. India is about to sign the pact but this controversy has raised issue about the transparency of the deal.

Was India misled or US deceived India? This remains a big question in India.

Whatever it is Indian public needs an explanation about the deal. A white of the deal has to be issued to make matters clear.

Leander and his 8th Slam

Leander Paes has won the mixed doubles title in the U.S. Open. This is his eighth Grand Slam title. He paired up with Cara Black to win this title. They played superbly throughout the tournament and were the clear favorites to win the US Open this year. This is the first time that Cara Black and Leander Paes has paired together to play the mixed doubles. Cara Black is a veteran player in the Doubles category. They played very well to win this title. After the victory ceremony Cara Black complimented Leander Paes and said that he has got the fastest hands in the nets. It’s indeed a great news for Indian tennis after being stripped of the captainship Leander proved that there is more left in him to prove his ability. He is looking forward to win his 9th Grand Slam title by winning the Doubles in the US Open. He said that he wants to win French Open with Cara Black because he has not won even a single French Open title. All the best Leander for your aim.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has become a house hold name in United States of America. After the Republican Presidential Candidate John Mc Cain announced that Sarah Palin will be his running mate. It was indeed a very great surprise for everyone. Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska. She was elected by John McCain as the Vice President Candidate for the Republican Party. Not many expected her to become the running mate for John McCain. She gained popularity in America from no where to the front pages of all newspapers. So we have to wait and see whether she wins the election and becomes the Vice President of America.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Honest Bush

George W Bush has shown his double face in this Nuclear Deal. He wrote a secret letter to the Congress that Nuclear Deal with India will be cancelled if the conduct nuclear tests but in the paper it is not said so. Through this letter Bush has shown his honesty, commitment and most of all betrayed his own countrymen. There has been wide spread speculation that Bush administration cannot be trusted for anything and by this letter he proved his critics to be hundred percent true. He is great man living up to the expectation of his critics. So what is going to be the future for the Nuclear Deal?

Let us wait and see

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Egoism in Australian Cricket Team

Politics is now hitting the Australian Cricket team. Their hero (once called so) Andrew Symmonds is now seen as villain. The team management suspended Symmo from playing in the Bangladesh series because of disciplinary issue. Its said that Symmo did not attend the important team meeting ahead of the series instead he went fishing. This angered the stand in Captain Michael Clarke so he asked Symmo to go away without playing the ODI series against the Bangladesh. Because of this Symmo is very upset and moreover very much frustrated.

But after the IPL there has been a clear split in the Aussie team because of their player’s price tags in the tournament. Symmonds was the highest paid foreign player. Though there are many talents than Symmo in the Aussie team he was contracted for whooping amount of Rs.5 crore. This induced ego problems in the Australian dressing room. Now this has taken an ugly turn and many Australian players are having a troubled time with Symmo.

Now Symmonds is considering retirement from international cricket. He has taken this decision because of the treatment given to him in the dressing room. So the same buddies who supported him in his tough times are now trying to get rid of him.