Saturday, August 16, 2008

Federrer- Undisputed King

Roger Federrer is considered as the uncrowned king of tennis court. He was the world number one for the past 4 years. After Pete Sampras, Roger Federrer is considered to be the best player on the circuit and he lived up to that expectation till recently. But after the arrival of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal turned to be the end of a great streak. Federrer defeated him at the early stages but now Nadal has got the upper hand and has defeated him in the Wimbledon. Defeating Federrer in the grass court is equivalent to defeating a lion in its den. Nadal did that. And now Nadal is he number 1 player in the world pushing Federrer to number two spot. But still many believe that Federrer is the best player on the court. May be he is in the second rank but he is the uncrowned king of the tennis world.

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