Saturday, August 30, 2008

College Life

I miss my college days a lot. I had a great time with my friends for the past four years. When I joined the college I had no one to my recognition but when I left that place I felt like missing everything. We are group of 12. We enjoyed like anything in this past four years. We went to a tour for Kerala in the third year and our bondage increased there. We had great time there. Our farewell was one thing which I can’t forget in my life. We really partied a lot and had great fun. Now everyone has got their own work and we are absorbed in it. Though we meet in here and there, we really miss each other. I can’t forget the class rooms where we had great fun.

I really miss my college life and my college friends.

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Tey said...

everybody does miss these day but so long college life. Time to move on'Ester's Embracing Health
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