Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top 5 matches in Cricket History

Cricket is my passion and I would never miss any match. Though I am a great fan of Indian team I like the games played by other teams also. Here I like to rank some of the matches which I liked a lot. To be precise I like to present my top 5 matches which I have seen so far in the world of cricket.

First and foremost is the match which took place in the Lords ground in the year 1983 on June 23rd. The match between the formidable West Indies and India, which happens to be the final of the Prudential World cup. As an Indian I can’t forget that match. It is one of the greatest ODI’s played in the cricketing history

Next is the test match between the Australia and England where Australia needed nearly hundred runs to win and England needed only two wickets. At last England won by 2 runs. It was one of the fabulous test matches I have ever seen.

Third ids the ODI between India and Pakistan in Dhaka in 1999 where India won a thriller scoring 317 runs in 47 overs. It was a fabulous match which had all the essence of a great entertainment.

The match Between Australia and South Africa where Australia Scored 400+ runs first time in the ODI history and to amazement of everyone the South Africans chased those runs and won the match. It is considered as the best match in the ODI history.

The final is the test match which held in Perth in 2008 between Australia and India. All odds were against the Indians but still they won the match deservingly.

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