Sunday, June 1, 2008

Corrupt Indian System

India is becoming synonymous for the word corruption because of the many scams that is coming out daily in the news papers and in the electronic and visual media. Not only politicians who are accused for this crime but also many officials who hold high positions in government offices and who are meant to be the guardian of this Indian system assist these politicians to commit this crime and in the process they too get benefited in this. According to a survey taken by some experts Law department is the most corrupted in the country followed the police department. These two departments are meant to provide security and welfare for the public, but these two itself seems to be most corrupted. But the most disappointing fact is that many young youths who do pity crimes for getting a meal are beaten up like animals but there are people who do larger crimes than them and get away in the name of money and power.

Strict laws must be incorporated in the Indian system in order to provide corruption free society. Only then India can become a super power in the future.

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